Excitel Broadband Launches 100Mbps Broadband Plan for Rs.795/mo. – Details


Hyderabad seems to be lucky when it comes to High Speed Broadband offerings. After ACT Broadband announced the launch of High Speed 100Mbps internet offering, one more ISP with the name of Excitel Broadband is all here available to provide 100Mbps plan for just above Rs. 1000. This is the 1st ISP in India now to provide 100Mbps connection at less than Rs. 1000 per month.


As of now Excitel has 3 plans, with the latest being 100Mbps which has also been launched in Delhi and now has over 1.2Lac subscribers already. The company has announced similar plans for both the cities. Currently, there are three plans available – Reeltime 695, Reeltime 845, Reeltime 995, under which Excitel is offering 50Mbps, 75Mbps, and 100Mbps download speeds respectively.
For all Hyderabadis out there, the good news is that as part of Introductory offer you will also be able to enjoy Rs. 200 discount on all the plans for customers who join between May 1 & July 31. So, for the 50Mbps plan it will just cost you Rs. 495, 75Mbps plan will cost Rs. 645, whereas the 100Mbps plan would cost Rs. 795 per month in Hyderabad.


Considering the ACT Broadband offering, these plans from Excitel seems to be the best option till now as these guys are not just offering a monthly discount but are also offering Unlimited benefits for the promised speed as there is no FUP in all the 3 plans. With Jio Fiber still some time away, it’s always better to switch to new provider like this as plans are affordable and also promise to offer high speed at affordable cost. Going by the words by company, company’s vision is to provide high speed internet at affordable cost.
Do let us know in the comments section about Excitel Broadband if you have opted for any of the plan.

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