Download Chrome 71 with Web apps in the Android share menu – APK

Chrome 71

Google Chrome is slowly trying to converge both native and web apps in it’s latest version of Chrome 71 which was announced few days back. One of the latest feature this new version of Chrome comes with is that the web apps are now appearing in the system’s share menu.

You might have recently read in news about Chrome 61 has enabled the Web Share API under which the web apps can share text or images to the native apps. For example, you can now share the links to tweets just by pressing on the button in the twitter lite web app. The new Share Target API works on other way – web apps have the facility to register themselves as the items in Android’s share menu which can be tried here.

Web Share Target Share Menu

Do note that Web apps won’t appear here in the system share window till it’s added on to the home screen. This makes sure that no random sites are appearing alongside native apps. Sites can alternatively receive text and images for now while sending files to web apps might come in upcoming versions. Chrome 71 can be downloaded from here for your device.

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