Review – Sharp Air Purifier & Mosquito Catcher FP-FM40E – Pros, Cons & More

Filter Cross Section Air Purifier

With growing pollution in India, the need for Air Purifiers and ionizers is equally growing. Sharp, one of the early entrants in India for its Air Purifier range has come up with a brilliant combo of Air Purifier, Ionizer and Mosquito catcher which prevents not just mosquitos but also makes sure that Air is purified with highest level of positive ions with the help of plasma clusters. The goodness of Sharp is that Air Purifier has been validated by over 28 Labs globally along with the certification from TERI  (The Energy and Resources Institute). This apparently is World’s 1st Air Purifier which also comes with a combo of Mosquito catcher and the model number is dubbed as FP-FM40E.

sharp-fp-fm40e  Filter Cross Section Air Purifier

Let’s check out on what are the detailed specs and features of Sharp Air Purifier;

Specs of Sharp Air Purifier

General Instructions:
*1 Size of a room which is appropriate for operating the unit at maximum fan speed. • It indicates the space where a certain amount of dust particles can be removed in 30 minutes (JEM1467).

*2 Size of a room in which approximately 7000 ions can be measured per cubic centimeter in the center of the room (at a height of approximately 1.2 meters from the floor) when the product is placed next to a wall and run at the MED operation position

Standby Power & Power Consumption:
33W in high speed, 6.2W in lowest speed and consumes about 1.0W of standby power.

Process of Air Purification:

  1. Generates Fresh Indoor Air – Plasma discharge generates and emits same positive and negative ions in nature
  2. Neutralizes Harmful VOC and Other Toxis Gases – Plasmacluster ions surround and break VOC and toxic gases
  3. Kills Microbes and Other Contagious Elements – Plasmacluster ions kill viruses including H1N1, microbes, bacteria like E.Coli, MRSA, TB and fungal spores to sterilize indoor air
  4. Removes Static Charge – Plasmacluster ions remove static electricity which traps dust particles and pollen on charged surfaces
  5. Hydrates Skin – Plasmacluster ions help skin retain moisture and also helps improve its elasticity and texture

Comparison of Different Technologies Effectiveness:

Hands-On Review after using this Product:

This is a comparatively compact version of combo unit which has an air filter along with the glue pad inside to catch insect like mosquito. This unit also comes with 3 additional gum pads which can be replaced as per the requirement. Additional pads can be bought separately when reuired. When we first turned ON the unit, the UV light turned ON and then with the help of mode all you need to do is to select the fan speed which can be set as per your area’s ambience. On the left portion of the panel, there’s a mosquito catcher feature which can be enabled. Mosquito Catcher (UV) has 2 modes, UV Light and Glue Sheet which can be turned ON by pressing for 3 seconds. Haze mode is one of the best features in this air purifier as it actually speed up the fan into high speed which quickly clear up the polluted air.


When there’s lot of dust, the dust sign will glow as shown in the above panel. Towards the front a light strip is illuminated and green on the right which indicated the plasma cluster and dust signs.

Our experience with this is that the dust levels were drastically bought down after the usage of 4-5 hours as the moment we got out of the room in which air purifier was used, we actually felt on how polluted the air outside the room was. We found that the sound of fan at high speed was bit irritating and noisy as well. At the end, this is a good air purifier compared to others like XiaoMi which doesn’t come with mosquito catcher for a room size of around 200 sq. ft. We couldn’t verify the mosquito catcher feature as the area where it was tested doesn’t had mosquitos at this time.

Pros and Cons:
Pros: Good Valuable combo of Mosquito catcher and Plasma Ionizer, Stylish design, easy access for filter cleaning & replacement, Cares for Nature – Doesn’t hamper Ozone layer

Cons: Controlling at Night is difficult, Price for Mosquito trap seems higher, Overall pricing is higher, User manual is slightly difficult for starters which needs to be simplified in simple steps

Pricing and Availability:
Sharp FP-FM40E is available for purchase at a price of Rs. 25,999 while comes with an MRP of Rs. 30,000 and can be bought from website.

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